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      Operation Stack in Sussex?

    • You probably saw Operation Stack in Kent on the TV, even if you weren't personally held up in it.  Click here for a one-minute Youtube tour.   Lines of those square-profiled lorries, going nowhere, a slain serpent laid out across the beautiful Kent countryside. 

      Striking ferry workers broke into the Channel Tunnel, so that ferries, Eurotunnel and Eurostar were all suspended.   Gridlocked traffic gave migrants the chance to break into lorries and try to reach England.   Tiny back roads in Kent were full of holiday-makers’ cars trying to avoid the chaos.   Operation Stack was stood down, but it will be back.  

      So ... why not build another A27(M) motorway along the south coast, to give the lorries somewhere else to park?  

      Bring it on, let's have all the traffic you can dream of, let's have Operation Stack in Sussex!? 

      The Arundel bypass used to be part of the proposed ‘Folkestone to Honiton Trunk Route’.   Now it is part of a proposed ‘Expressway’ along the south coast - a sort of second grade motorway which prioritises long distance through traffic over local traffic needs and the countryside.  

      Long distance haulage could be drawn off the M20 and M25 and M3 through Sussex instead - impacting gravely on the setting of the Sussex Downs National Park and local communities already under too much pressure.

      From Chichester eastwards, the arguments for transforming the A27 and Sussex in this way just don't Stack up.


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