• Community Impacts Consultation 2021 step by step

      We know some of you appreciate a little extra guidance and help with responding to the consultations, so here is our step by step to consultation, which we hope helps!  We’ve done a little differently this time around, which we hope will make it even easier for you!

      • Who can take part?
        • Remember anyone can respond to the consultation.

          • You don't have to live locally to the impacted area of LTC, anyone from anywhere can take part if they wish!
          • It is not limited to one per household, everyone can take part
          • Children can take part with parent/guardians permission
          • If they prefer to draw their response an adult can give a brief interpretation if needs be to help analysis!
          • Businesses, school, forums, clubs, organisations etc can take part
          • As long as you have permission to make an official representation on behalf of the company/organisation you can submit a response on their behalf. This doesn’t stop you also taking part as an individual too.
          • You can take part anonymously if you wish
          • You can send more than one response
          • If you have already responded and now have more to say then please respond again!
      • Why is it important to use your own words?
        • In the 2016 consultation we tried to help those asking for assistance with responding to the consultation with some template letters. This resulted in Highways England lumping together approx 13,000 responses and counting them as one campaign response.

          They’ve done it before and they will do it again, so please do NOT copy and paste anything directly from our website or social media posts, please put your own comments in your own words! They do the same with those online petition style responses to consultations that some charities/organisations use.

          Every response counts, so let’s make sure they count them all as individual responses but submitting our own comments in our own words please!

    • If you would like support us, then send us an email with your contact details.

      We will keep you in touch with Arundel A27 affairs by e-newsletter.