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      Not seeing the Wood for the Trees?

      27th Jan 2015
      The Facts about Ancient Woodland at Tortington Common   Outside the picturesque town of Arundel in West Sussex, there lies a National Park and in that Park lies an area of woodland called Tortington Common which has become the focus of much debate recently. Depending on the outcome of that debate, Tortington Common will either be left in pea...Read More...

      Parishes reject major A27 road building

      15th Jan 2015
      Emerging local opinions east of Lewes, reported in a SCATE blog.   A recent meeting of Parish representatives from east of Lewes to Folkington has welcomed the £75 million nominally allocated by the Government for improvements to this section of the A27. However, the representatives have resoundingly rejected the idea of a ma...Read More...

      Local Councillors all oppose Option B

      12th Jan 2015
      Arun District Cllr Paul Dendle speaks out ...   Arun Distric Councillor Paul Dendle, asked by a developing local business which be destroyed by Option B to give his views on that route, emailed on 12th January:   "I am fully against Option B ...  I don't think anyone supports option B ... It is more expensive and more dis...Read More...

      Villages get ready for Arundel Bypass Battle

      10th Jan 2015
      Press release issued 30/10/14 by ABNC   Arundel Bypass Neighbourhood Committee      Secretary: Emma Tristram emma.tristram@dsl.pipex.com Villages get ready for Arundel bypass battle Walberton and Binsted have taken action in the face of a new threat to both villages.   In an attempt to find an Arund...Read More...

      Offline Bypasses - The Real Damage to Arundel's Countryside

      10th Jan 2015
      ABNC 13/11/14 correction to facts in WSGazette 12/11 article   To:  letters@westsussextoday.co.uk Subject: Arundel Bypass Option B through Binsted and Walberton Sir, Arundel Bypass Option B through Binsted and Walberton Your article ‘£15 billion pound roads investment welcomed’ (12 November) contains one bit of ver...Read More...

      Residents oppose plans for town bypass

      10th Jan 2015
      ABNC 11/11/14 comment on 8/11 Argus article   Sir, Your article ‘Residents oppose plans for town bypass’ (8 November) is welcome but needs adding to.    The proposal to build an Arundel bypass has, as you say, sparked concerns among residents of Walberton and Binsted, but you don’t give the reason: a new rout...Read More...

      The Roads Investment Plan

      10th Jan 2015
      Allocation of the Roads Investment Plan funding - the Dec 2014 report   The Investment Plan can be read by clicking here.  The Arundel section is covered on pages 21-22.  ...Read More...
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