• Arundel impact

      The impact on Arundel's landscape from a long stretch of major new road, if there is to be a fully offline bypass, would be great.  Some consider Option 3 a sacrifice worth making for the times saved.  Some prefer a lower-impact short bypass, on a more moderate scale and speed but bypassing most of the pinch points to improve flow, as advocated by Arundel A27 Forum, on the Option 1 alignment.

      A fully offline bypass, Option 3 or Option 5A, would cross the river about here:

      Beautiful view across the Arun river and watermeadows, to and from Arundel Town and Castle, would be ruined by any new offline A27 bypass route

      A first astonished glance from the train ...  
      There, in profile, a great gothic castle and cathedral crouch over a beautiful little town standing in a flat, marshy plain.   From a distance they look superb, and have been called with justice one of the great town views of England.                                             Desmond Seward, ‘Sussex’

      Alastair Darling MP cancelled the Pink/Blue Arundel Bypass (Option A, 1993 Preferred Route) because of its impact on the watermeadows shown above.  What could happen to the area if a new offline bypass is built?   Any fully offline bypass option requires a c.6m high road across these beautiful wet meadows of the Arun. 

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