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      Other organisations engaged in the issue of A27 Improvements:

      The SCATE Network

      (Chair: Henri Brocklebank of Sussex Wildlife Trust)

      The South Coast Alliance for Transport and the Environment supports the Arundel Alternative and opposes all the options put forward in the current consultation.  SCATE is a group of independent environmental and community organisations, all of whom aim to:

      Promote sustainable transport solutions (for personal travel and freight); Seek better land use, infrastructure and transport planning to reduce the need to travel and dependence on the private car; Oppose damaging road-building schemes along the south coast corridor; Ensure that the environment is properly valued (for its contribution to the economy and human health) and that full consideration in particular is given to impacts on landscape, biodiversity and climate change in all decision making.

      Arundel SCATE

      Arundel SCATE (ASCATE) is an independent local group based in Arundel and affiliated to the South Coast Alliance for Transport and the Environment.  ASCATE supports a 40mph wide-single carriageway short bypass solution, the 'Arundel Alternative'.  If you want to join the ArundelSCATE group, show your support and be kept informed, email the organiser Kay Wagland.  

      Chichester Deserves Better

      Chichester Deserves Better (CDB) is an independent local group based in Chichester 

      Sompting A27 Rural Group

      Sompting A27 Rural Group (SARG) is an independent group of local businesses and residents based in the Worthing-Lancing section rural areas

      Campaign for Better Transport

      The Campaign for Better Transport is an independent charity helping communities to promote affordable transport that benefits quality of life and minimises damage to the environment

      CPRE Sussex

      Sussex Wildlife Trust

      South Downs Society


      What Communities Say about the Arundel A27


      In Oct 2017 the biggest UK anti-road demonstration since the 1990s was held against Option 5A (now called Amber), with over 400 protestors carrying banners on a march to hear speakers on the route from South Downs Society, CPRE Sussex, Sussex Wildlife Trust.  They were supported by strong contingents from Walberton, Arundel (ASCATE) and Tortington Local Community.  Much has been written about Binsted on this site, on the Binsted Village website and also in our village book, 'Binsted and Beyond'.  Binsted is a gathering place for those who love the traditional English countryside.  Friends of the area come from Arundel, Tortington, Walberton, Slindon, Barnham, Yapton and further afield to join Binsted villagers in our 11th century church services, harvest suppers and other events.  Most notable is our annual Strawberry Fair where we sell local plants and produce, show local sheep and other animals, feature local traditional musicians, and attract 1000+ people who love to come to Binsted in the course of one summer afternoon.   The places where people live walk and work, the church and Strawberry Fair fields and the beautiful Binsted Park would no longer be in quiet isolated countryside. Binsted Village opposes the big offline dual carriageway options west of Arundel and supports the Arundel SCATE Group's "Arundel Alternative", 40mph wide-single carriageway short bypass solution.

      The South Downs National Park Authority. 

      Before the South Downs National Park was designated, an A27 Arundel Bypass on the Pink/Blue route (now 'Option A') had been proposed - and rejected by Alastair Darling on environmental grounds, stating that the damage to the Arundel watermeadows area would be unacceptable and a different solution must be found.

      On 25th June 2014 the Chief Executive of the National Park Authority wrote the letter you can read here, explaining the emerging approach of the National Park Authority on this issue. On 28th October the National Park Authority Members finalized their Position Statement on major transport infrastructure proposals which you can read here.

      The boundary of the National Park in the Arundel area can be seen on the two maps available here and here.  It is important to understand that the Section 62 statutory duty of the Highways Agency to have regard to the Purposes and Special Qualities of the National Park aimed primarily at conserving and enhancing the countryside, does not stop at the boundary line of the National Park. How this applies to the landscape south-west of Arundel has been set out as evidence by ABNC Secretary Emma Tristram in a paper sent 12.10.14 to the South Downs National Park Authority, which you can read here.  

      The land traversed by Options 3 (Crimson) and 4/5A (Magenta/Amber) has protected National Park status.     

      • Magenta/Amber/Grey all destroy the integrity of the mediaeval parish landscape of Binsted, which straddles the Park boundary – a landscape which fulfils many of the seven ‘special qualities’ which the Park’s policies are designed to protect.  
      • Magenta/Amber/Grey would bring more noise on the SW prevailing winds from faster-travelling vehicles into the Ancient Woodland of Binsted Woods, within the Park, with all its well-loved footpaths.   It would also sever the mixed woodland landscape from its adjacent communities in Binsted and Walberton, neighbouring villages Yapton and Barnham, and coastal communities (Bognor is now connected to Barnham via a cycle track).   All these communities at present enjoy access on foot, horse or bicycle into the Park without crossing major roads.

      The South Downs National Park Authority objected to the Option 5A Preferred Route, and is expected to object to all six options as presented in the 2019 consultation because all harm the National Park.


      Many more people live in Tortington now than did so in 1987 when a whole range of online, near-online and offline options were last consulted on. There are about 55 dwellings in the Manor and about another 25 in the old village; so the population of Tortington, close to Magenta Amber and Grey options, may now be about 150. Tortington and Binsted were formerly a combined parish and the communities have much in common.  Tortington residents are very concerned about the impact on their lives and environment of any route option through Tortington.  If you would like to be put in touch with others in Tortington concerned about these issues, please email via the Tortington Local Community website, which includes local community comment on A27 options.

      Tortington Local Community supports the Arundel Alternative.

      Tortington Common

      There is a community of people who have recently bought small woodlands in Tortington Common and are managing them for example for coppice wood production and for enhanced habitats and wildlife.  They are doing a lot to restore productive life and increased biodiversity to this formerly replanted part of the ancient woodland complex.  These small woodlands are threatened by the 'Option 3' route.  See for example www.noorwood.co.uk 

      The Tortington Common woodlanders are most threatened by Option 3 - Crimson.


      Lyminster Parish has particular problems created by traffic at peak times on and approaching the incomplete Crossbush junction.  ABNC would like to understand these problems and work with Lyminster to give mutual support.

      Walberton Parish Council (WPC) objects strongly to Option 5A.
      Walberton Binsted and Fontwell form a single closely interwoven community.  Walberton people enjoy Binsted as their countryside and Binsted people go to the school shops and village hall in Walberton; the vicar and choir serve both; and so on.  An option through Binsted would sever this community. Walberton Parish Council was shockingly excluded from a pre-consultation Highways England meeting to which an Arundel Town Council representative was invited, and though worst impacted by 5A, was not given a manned exhibition in the consultation - clear evidence of bias in the consultation.
      Walberton Parish Council opposed the Option 5A Preferred Route.

      Warningcamp and Burpham

      Residents in these villages have for many years had great difficulty in getting out onto the A27 from Crossbush Lane at busy times.  The Arundel Alternative would solve their problem without wrecking the environment.  

      West Sussex County Council:

      • West Sussex County Council ignored all ecological and community impact evidence provided by ABNC showing 5A  (now Amber/Magenta) to be the worst option, and determined in the Aug-Oct 2017 consultation to support 5A based solely on the reports provided by Highways England which gave a misleading impression based on old and partial data that 5A was the least damaging offline option.

      And Beyond:  Barnham, Yapton, Slindon, ... 

      Many from surrounding parishes love to walk into Binsted's countryside, or are involved with the community here whether as Churchwarden, National Park Volunteer, farm worker or in other ways.

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