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      Contacts for campaigning groups supporting our

      Stop the Arundel Bypass (SAB) Alliance 

      Arundel SCATE

      Arundel SCATE (ASCATE) is an independent local group based in Arundel a member of the Stop the Arundel Bypass (SAB) Alliance.  If you want to join the ArundelSCATE group, show your support and be kept informed, email the organiser Kay Wagland.  

      Walberton Friends & Neighbours

      Walberton Friends & Neighbours (WF&N) is an independent local group based in Walberton village, and a member of the Stop the Arundel Bypass (SAB) Alliance.  


      South Downs Network

      The South Downs Network (SDN) brings together organisations based in or near the National Park, who seek to work together to conserve and protect the South Downs National Park and its setting - which would be hugely adversely affected by the proposed 8km Arundel Bypass Grey Route scheme.

      The SCATE Network

      (Chair: Henri Brocklebank of Sussex Wildlife Trust)

      The South Coast Alliance for Transport and the Environment supports the Arundel Alternative and opposes all the options put forward in the current consultation.  SCATE is a group of independent environmental and community organisations, all of whom aim to:

      Promote sustainable transport solutions (for personal travel and freight); Seek better land use, infrastructure and transport planning to reduce the need to travel and dependence on the private car; Oppose damaging road-building schemes along the south coast corridor; Ensure that the environment is properly valued (for its contribution to the economy and human health) and that full consideration in particular is given to impacts on landscape, biodiversity and climate change in all decision making.

      CPRE Sussex

      Sussex Wildlife Trust



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