• ABNC (which stands for Arundel Bypass Neighbourhood Committee) is an environmental community pressure group, concerned about the impacts of road-building proposals around the Arundel A27 in West Sussex.  We have been working for 30 years to save the countryside south and south-west of Arundel from major new road damage. Based in Binsted and surrounding villages, and funded by local people's donations, ABNC has a core organizing committee, a wider network of local volunteers across several parishes, and a mailing list of more than 4000 supporters. 

      The villages of Binsted, Walberton, Fontwell, Tortington; the wildlife of Binsted Woods, and wetlands from the iconic floodplain south of Arundel to the Binsted Rife Valley, are all under threat from the impacts of National Highways' proposals. The Arundel Bypass proposals also raise issues of international importance:  climate change and species extinctions.

      You can find ABNC also on Facebook and on Twitter.   We work with environmental and transport organization partners including the South Coast Alliance for Transport and the Environment, Transport Action Network and the South Downs Network

      Together with local community environmental groups ArundelSCATE (www / FB /TW), whose Arundel Alternative proposal we support; Walberton Friends & Neighbours ( Facebook & Twitter), and Tortington Local Community, we are the Stop the Arundel Bypass Alliance (SAB Alliance - FB & TW).


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