• Election news: how are the parties shaping up on our issues?


      The Labour Party has said in its Manifesto that it will defer the Arundel Bypass and spend its allocated £320M on mending a million potholes a year.  If enough people vote for Labour, they could be the next government and implement this manifesto commitment.  Our challenge to them is: well done on that, but if you are elected, please get this scheme taken off the table altogether, and send National Highways back to the drawing board for a better solution!

      Well done to campaigners and the local Labour party for getting the unpopularity and poor value for money of the Arundel Bypass scheme a big enough profile to feature in a manifesto.

      What hopes are the other parties offering to voters who are against the Arundel Bypass or against other damaging and costly new road plans?

      The Green Party has said it will stop all new road building.  The Greens may get more MPs in this election, and be able to influence policy in this direction.

      The Lib Dems have promised a £300M investment over the next Parliament to also fix a million potholes a year, taking the money out of the road-building budget.  They don't specifically mention the Arundel Bypass deferral but the implication is that if Lib Dem candidates are elected and Labour are the government, Lib Dems may be expected to support Labour policy on this.

      The Conservative Party deferred the present scheme to March 2025, but are keeping the budgeted £320M ring-fenced for it.  The candidate Andrew Griffith, who claimed credit for getting the £320M approved, is on record as having had a £5,000 donation from a source linked to road builders JCB, who have also donated substantially to Conservative party funds.  Mr Griffith has criticised Labour on X for pulling back on the Arundel Bypass.   

      It is important that we elect the right representation to stop this and similar schemes from wrecking our environment and our communities, and from wasting £billions of our tax money on schemes which will increase traffic and carbon emissions. 

      We hope the above info will help you decide to which party, in your own constituency situation, it's best to give your vote.

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