• Countryside impact in Binsted

      The Binsted Option 5A wrecks Binsted's countryside and village and severs some of the best ancient woodland both in and out of the National Park; it divides and destroys the community and landscape of Binsted.

      Binsted is a unity of diverse habitats, the houses surround the central open fields as they did in Saxon times and many important wildlife species breed in the woods and forage in the fields - all of this would be destroyed by Option 5A.


      For information on the natural and historic environment of the area which is being studied, conserved and enhanced by local community based charity Mid Arun Valley Environmental Survey, click here:

      For information on the community life and rural environment of the western part of this area around Binsted village, click here:

      People from beyond Binsted come to record its beauty in photographs, eg click here    

      Come and visit to see for yourself - and eat a fabulous lunch in Binsted's Black Horse pub. 




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