• New Transport Vision launched in Arundel

    • SCATE Press Release:  'The future's bright – without more big roads'

      SCATE press releaseA vision of a healthier, greener, better for business and better connected future for the Sussex coast was launched at Arundel Town Hall on Thursday.

      Campaign for Better Transport expert, Bridget Fox, highlighted key findings of the 'New Transport Vision for the Sussex Coast' independent study commissioned for South Coast Alliance for Transport and Environment (SCATE) to a full audience. She showed that, in contrast with authority predictions of continued traffic growth, urban traffic has reduced and commuters have dropped by a fifth, while rail use has rocketed and the economy and population have grown.

      Bridget explained that work, shopping and leisure is rapidly changing , particularly with new techology, and transport policies are failing to keep up: evidence shows that road building leads to more congestion and more road building while failing to deliver promised economic benefits.

      The report provides a plan for the Sussex coastal region which includes bringing together strategies for different modes of transport, integrated ticketing (like the Oyster card) and 'smart' journey planning, linking better planned building development with transport (including easier walking and cycling), parking strategies and freight management, joined up transport information and road improvements for better quality routes.

      Chair, Arundel resident Dr Peter Smith, said 'We can see that major new road building is a 1960s solution. We need a rethink before we lose what makes Sussex so special, particularly the South Downs National Park. The New Transport Vision provides reasoned 21st century choices.'

       John Coote from Worthing and Derrick Coffee of Eastbourne answered questions about how the study can provide joined up solutions to transport issues along the length of the A27.

      Kay Wagland, chair of Arundel Scate hosting the launch, presented proposals for the A27 at Arundel which would support the New Transport Vision. She said 'the New Purple route design is a short, safer stretch of 40mph, wide, single carriageway which significantly improves traffic flow without increasing capacity. It does not damage the National Park and meets real traffic needs rather than unrealistic projections for 25 years time made by Highways England.'

      An additional proposal for a redesign of the roundabout at the Ford Road junction at Arundel to further improve traffic flow, provide better walking and cycling access and reduce the impact of the A27 on the town was also presented.  Click here to read more about the New Purple route and the Ford roundabout redesign.

      The New Transport Vision specially commissioned for South Coast Alliance for Transport and Environment, was undertaken by London consultancy Integrated Transport Planning Ltd, in association with the University of the West of England and has been launched at locations targeted for A27 construction schemes. It can be downloaded from scate.org.uk.

      The Arundel road proposals can be found at www.ArundelA27Forum.org.uk.

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      Arundel Scate (Ascate) is an independent residents group from Arundel and surrounding villages with 250+ listed local supporters. Ascate is a member of SCATE.  A27Arundel.org.uk    arundelscate@gmail.com

      South Coast Alliance for Transport and Environment (SCATE), the network of community groups and other organisations, from the Sussex Coast. SCATE's objectives are:

      • Promote sustainable transport solutions (for personal travel and freight)
      • Seek better land use, infrastructure and transport planning to reduce the need to travel and dependence on the private car
      • Oppose damaging road-building schemes along the south coast corridor
      • Ensure that the environment is properly valued (for its contribution to the economy and human health) and that full consideration in particular is given to impacts on landscape, biodiversity and climate change in all decision making.


      SCATE members include:

      Sussex Wildlife Trust

      CPRE Sussex

      South Downs Society

      Campaign for Better Transport

      Arundel Bypass Neighbourhood Committee

      Campaign for Better Transport is a national charity which promotes sustainable transport and access. It lobbies national and local government to develop policies, works with transport companies and campaigns with local communities.  Bettertransport.org.uk

      A video shown at the launch was produced by CPRE (Campaign to Protect Rural England) national charity, drawn from their 2017 study, The End of the Road which reveals that road-building is failing to provide the congestion relief and economic boost promised. http://www.cpre.org.uk/resources/transport/roads/item/4543-the-end-of-the-road-challenging-the-road-building-consensus

      New Transport Vision for the Sussex Coast – independent study commissioned by SCATE, by Integrated Transport Planning in association with University of the West of Engand. The report is downloadable at http://scate.org.uk/transport-studies/a-new-transport-vision/


      Kay Wagland, Ford Road, Arundel 07940 307603

      Dr Peter Smith, High Street, Arundel 07789 853990

      John Coote, Sustrans Worthing, jcoote1265@aol.com

      Derrick Coffee, Campaign for Better Transport, derrick.coffee@talk21.com

      Bridget Fox, CBT, bridget.fox@bettertransport.org.uk

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