• 2020: the Arundel Bypass controversy

      At the heart of the A27 Arundel Bypass controversy, against a backdrop of climate crisis, species extinctions and threats to rural community life, are two key strategic issues for us and for future generations:  

      • demands for energy-consumptive and polluting car mobility and a theoretical 5-12 minute time saving, versus
      • the imperative to protect an integrated sustainable infrastructure of diverse natural habitats and rural community life.  

      Can Highways England make a culture change from 1970s thinking and 2010s practices, to the 2020s?  Can they develop honest accountability and diligence?  Can they rethink their role, and behave as part of an integrated sustainable transport delivery system? If they can, they have a future.  If they cannot, we do not.


      6.2.2020  SpiritFM article: "'Copy and paste' errors in Arundel bypass documents"

      4.2.2020  Chichester Observer article:  "Corrections made to A27 Arundel Bypass consultation"

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