• 2022: the Arundel Bypass A27 scheme controversy

      From 11 January - 8 March 2022, National Highways hold a consultation on the Grey Route for the Arundel Bypass.

      This is highly controversial.  In their autumn 2019 consultation, 64% said they wanted to use the existing line of the road with a short bypass or Do Nothing.  Most of those said they wanted the local communities' route the Arundel Alternative.  Only 7% said they wanted Grey. The touted benefits of a scheme likely to cost in the region of £500Million will disappear at the next holdup along, in Fontwell - if they were ever even real.  And this is at the expense of severing local communities and vital habitats, and escalating climate change.  The public interest is not served, only that of National Highways as a road-building company.


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