• No Chichester North Bypass - Andrew Tyrie MP, and ABNC

    • Andrew Tyrie MP has today spoken out on SpiritFM,
      against the Chichester Northern Bypass concept:

      The MP for Chichester has called proposals to build a new bybass north of the city 'unacceptable'.

      Andrew Tyrie has spoken out for the first time since details first emerged last week.

      He says it would change the character of the area forever and would rather see money spent improving the existing A27.

      His statement in full reads:

      "Rumours of a northern bypass for Chichester are now widespread. Yet Highways England has yet to publish any substantive proposals. That is unacceptable in itself.

      "I would be extremely concerned if any proposals for a northern bypass for Chichester turned out to be true. It would change the character of the area forever.

      "A northern bypass would also be likely to absorb most or all of the money that has been earmarked for improvements to the junctions on the southern side. Those improvements are essential to all those who live on the Manhood Peninsula and to the south of Chichester. Without those improvements many of my constituents will continue to struggle to get to work on time and, at peak times, particularly in the tourist season, find themselves effectively cut-off.

      "What's more, a northern bypass would almost certainly give a green light for much more house building north of Chichester, far more than the area can reasonably absorb. I will be writing to the Secretary of State in the New Year."

      petition against the plans, started by the campaign group Chichester Deserves Better has now attracted more than 1,400 signatures

      ABNC also speaks out today
      against opening Chichester's floodgates
      to an A27 superhighway through Sussex:

      Click here to read the letter.

      Arundel Bypass Neighbourhood Committee has written today to John O'Brien in support of the 'Chichester Deserves Better' campaign, asking WSCC to reject any proposals by Highways England for a high speed northern bypass to Chichester.  



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