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      Nobody wants a Third Option that is a 70(=80)mph super-highway under the nose of the town.  But a 70(=80)mph super-highway further off would be much more conspicuous in views from the castle and across the beautiful watermeadows of the Arun valley than one tucked in below the town.  And it could sound the death knell for Arundel's small traders, as passing trade just speeds on by. 

      We have also seen in previous blogs that either of the major new offline bypass route corridors A and B, considered in the Feasibility Study, would cause unacceptable environmental and social damage. 

      In addition they would only exacerbate the problems in Worthing and Chichester, where traffic flow problems are at best going to only be mitigated. 

      So what might a Short Bypass Option for Arundel look like?  Here's one possibility suggested by an Arundel resident:


      Map shows how a short Arundel bypass cuts out most of the A27 pinch points that lead to traffic queuing

      The route has a lot to recommend it.  Nearly all the pinch points which cause queuing on the A27 and on the Lyminster road are taken out; the beautiful long views to and from the town across the watermeadows, which make the town the amazing attraction it is, are preserved.

      With the new section being used to slow traffic down to 40/50mph limits whilst passing the town, at that speed limit on-line solutions could be found to improving flow at the roundabout, and on the Hospital Hill section without need for expensive tunnelling. The lower speed limit would keep down noise near the town, aid flow at the roundabout and enable part of the route to meet flow needs potentially without need for a four lane dual carriageway throughout.

      A Short Bypass would need to be considered as part of a wider package to benefit traffic including pedestrian and non-car movements in the area - sustainable local transport.  It would be vital to - at last - invest in improving non-car connectivity between the town and Torton Hill, for example by green bridge. 

      What do you think?  Please email ABNC with your comments and ideas.

      Mike Tristram


      This message was added on Wednesday 18th February 2015


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