• What Alternatives are there to an Offline Bypass?

    • ArundelSCATE sets out some ideas for discussion


      Revised Nov 2014

      A.  Capital projects

      1. Remodelling Crossbush A27 junction with A284 (currently a mess and source of hold-ups as it was a temporary design anticipating a new bypass), for continuous flow and separated access for Burpham and Crossbush. To incorporate safe cycle paths and continuous walkways. HA have major proposals for this including new rail crossing.
      2. Remodelling Ford roundabout access to improve flow along existing bypass (HA have proposals for this).
      3. Some widening of existing bypass and Causeway (A27) for an effective third lane (or similar) to accommodate flow in the event of accidents. NB existing lanes on bypass are already relatively wide, Causeway, rail bridge lanes are narrow. NB Road remodelling must not raise capacity.
      4. Off-road cycle/footpath to Ford Station along Ford Road, with lighting, to provide good south coast access for commuting and shopping, especially to Brighton where there is no direct link from the Arun Valley line. Ford provides increased train frequency westbound to Portsmouth and Southampton too. Ford Road is an unclassified, straight, unlit country road and a bit of a racetrack, therefore people avoid walking or cycling along it, particularly at night.
      5. Foot/cycle/(possible horse) bridge from Canada Road to Mount Pleasant across A27 Hospital Hill and A264 London Road to enable cross-town pedestrian/cycle connectivity. A particularly strong solution for accessing schools by foot. There are two primary schools, one on each side of the A27. The local 'school run' has a significant impact on congestion and many  Arundel parents drive children to Arundel schools. A footbridge would also enable those who drive from outlying villages to stop in the town without accessing the A27 to reach their school. Topography and lack of buildings in this location favours a foot/cycle bridge.
      6. Cycling infrastructure and better walking connectivity across the A27 and through town with crossings and off- and on- road cycle paths via bridges and underpasses. This does not currently exist, although there are proposals, and many residents drive across town although it is a 10-15 minute walk.
      7. Earth bank/gabion bund soundproofing at key locations along existing road.


      • Ford Station is a junction of the Arun Valley  and South Coast rail lines.  Arundel needs a better south coast rail link to go eastwards and pick up additional westbound coastal trains. Ford station is two miles from Arundel High Street.
      • A partially off-road cycle/footpath from Arundel railway station to the Town Centre and along Mill Road, allowing access without  road level crossing, is scheduled, through LSTF funds from South Downs National Park and WSCC.
      • Other foot/cycle access across town has been discussed, but funding has not been allocated.

      B.  'Soft' projects

      1. Hoppa bus link to Ford (as above) and Littlehampton, providing further east and westbound train access. Littlehampton station is 5 miles from Arundel High Street. No commercial buses currently use Ford Road.
      2. Fast, affordable, coastal bus service aimed at commuters. The X27 was fast service about 20 years ago, but dropped, just as it became popular (reportedly not for financial reasons).
      3. Tourism literature prioritising walking, cycling and public transport access (currently this is poor and  default assumes use of car).
      4. School travel plans (including walking, cycling, car sharing).
      5. Business travel plans (commuter targeted) including business practices which reduce car commuting. WSCC has a good Travel Planning unit which saves business costs through reducing congestion, parking demand and improving staff health.
      6. Car clubs (established elsewhere by WSCC through LSTF).
      7. Car sharing (shared trips or shared ownership, examples of both exist in Arundel now). 
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