• Community Action

      ABNC is called the Arundel Bypass Neighbourhood Committee because the Neighbourhood is what we care about - in both senses, that is, the places and the communities around Arundel.  Click on the page names below to find out more.


      Binsted's Community Life Under Threat

      The community of Binsted and its friends get together in our beautiful countryside for a wide range of activities - all this could be destroyed by an Arundel Bypass through Binsted.  Read about some of the threatened events activities and groups on this page. 


      Local Communities & Organisations

      There are many communities affected by the various proposals for improving the Arundel A27.  On this page we give you a general guide.  If you are a member of one of these communities and would like to tell us more, please email us.


      What You can Do

      Things you can do to help, who you can write to ...

    • If you would like support us, then send us an email with your contact details.

      We will keep you in touch with Arundel A27 affairs by e-newsletter.