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    • Butterfly walks through Binsted

      20th Jul 2017
      No bypass through Binsted!  Public Consultation Run-Up Blog no.1 Classic butterfly walks would be destroyed Sunday 2 July was a little early to be looking for the Purple Emperor butterfly.   But my two American guests were leaving the next day, so I led them out into a boiling afternoon at 2 pm, the hottest part of the day, since I...Read More...

      Highways need a more realistic and affordable plan

      22nd Mar 2017
      "The Department for Transport and Highways England need to agree a more realistic and affordable plan", says the National Audit Office's report on the progress of the Roads Investment Strategy 2015-20, out today.  Click here to read the report.  #arundelbypass #a27...Read More...

      CPRE guest blog: landmark report says new roads increase congestion

      20th Mar 2017
      Responding to the release of a report by Campaign to Protect Rural England (CPRE) which found most new roads failed to reduce congestion and actually increased traffic instead, Bridget Fox, Sustainable Transport Campaigner at Campaign for Better Transport, said: "This landmark report confirms lots of previous research which shows th...Read More...

      Highways' March 2017 South Coast Central Strategy

      16th Mar 2017
      Click here to read Highways England's new March 2017 South Coast Central Strategy...Read More...

      What's the National Park Authority's view on A27 improvements in Sussex?

      4th Jan 2017
      On January 3, 2017, the South Downs National Park Authority posted the article below titled 'A27: Breaking the Bottleneck' on their website. With regard to Arundel, this statement is relevant:  "We have also reminded Highways England of the ‘major development’ test. The National Planning Policy Framework makes it clea...Read More...

      What's happening about the Arundel Bypass?

      14th Dec 2016
      Highways England’s ‘Options Identification’ period for the Arundel Bypass has come to an end.   They will now prepare their selected ‘Options’ for a ‘public consultation’ next summer, like the one about the Chichester bypass this summer.   Will Highways England tell the public what ‘Op...Read More...

      Richard Williamson walks the Walk

      13th Dec 2016
      On 1st December the county's favourite nature writer Richard Williamson wrote, in the Littlehampton Gazette, about a walk in Binsted and Tortington woods. I have been on another ramble through these woods just west of Arundel to remind myself of what will be carved up if the proposed new Arundel bypass is given the go-ahead.  ... You ma...Read More...

      ABNC’s Evidence Report published

      4th Nov 2016
      Why the Binsted route should be dropped from Highways' 2017 consultation options We have prepared and sent off our ‘Evidence Report’, a binder weighing 2.6 kilos, demonstrating that the Binsted-Tortington option should not be among the consultation’s ‘Options’.  It can be read online here.    Chapt...Read More...

      Bending the Truth

      29th Aug 2016
      Recent local debate on the Arundel Bypass has been characterized by respectful listening and interest in facts.  Cllr Paul Dendle's article in September 2016 Sussex Local, copied below, raised some controversy with its unfortunate title "Bypass - Bending the Truth".  We all need to work together to ensure that...Read More...

      What kind of Arundel Bypass is economically justified?

      6th Aug 2016
      The figures that have been used to justify the cost of a major 70mph offline bypass at Arundel, in Highways England's 2013 A27 Arundel Bypass Wider Economic Impact Study, produced by consultants Parsons Brinckerhoff (click here to view), have been scrutinised by Arundel resident Philip Gadsby.   He is not impressed by the report.  Hi...Read More...

      Binsted Strawberry Fair Success from the Air

      26th Jul 2016
      Binsted's 29th Strawberry Fair, on 24th July 2016, was the best ever.  There were over 1100 people at the Fair, and over £6500 was raised for charities.  Not bad for a tiny village - and its much more numerous friends. For the first time, drone filming gives us lovely views of the Fair in its beautiful landscape setting, despit...Read More...

      Archers plot takes cruel twist in Sussex Village

      9th Jun 2016
      Arundel Bypass Neighbourhood Committee Press Release, 9.6.16 A tiny Sussex community is calling for its own “happy ending” after a series of uncanny real life parallels with a gripping Archers storyline. Just like the famous fictional village of Ambridge, the rural idyll of Binsted near Arundel is under threat from a bypass route whic...Read More...

      'Secret' plans for Arundel Bypass revealed - ABNC press release 25.5.16

      25th May 2016
      A Freedom of Information Request has revealed a ‘secret’ A27 route option which would devastate the village of Binsted and divide or destroy National Park woodlands. Until now Highways England has been cagey about the exact routes it was considering for a new bypass around Arundel, giving only verbal descriptions in its A27 Feasibility...Read More...

      Frustrating meeting about the Arundel Bypass

      13th May 2016
      The meeting of ‘stakeholders’ with Highways England and Parsons Brinckerhoff representatives, at the Avisford Hilton on 12 May 2016, was a frustrating exercise.   No new information about routes was provided, only a lot of talk based on slides, some in small type difficult to read even from near the front of the room, about th...Read More...

      ABNC Press Release on the Chichester A27 Announcement

      8th Mar 2016
      "Now do the same for Arundel,” say campaigners. The decision to rule out a north bypass around Chichester has been welcomed by campaigners worried that Highways England may also be considering a more rural route for a bypass around Arundel. Arundel Bypass Neighbourhood Committee (ABNC) says it hopes the move shows that Highwa...Read More...

      Alternatives to the Arundel Bypass

      8th Mar 2016
      On Friday 4 March 2016, the long-delayed Eastern half of the new Bognor Regis Relief Road opened.   There is now a new, single-carriageway road joining the A29 north of Bognor to the A259 east of it , which completes a signed A259 bypass of Bognor from west to east.   It includes an ugly overbridge over the railway and floodplai...Read More...

      A27 news - no offline bypasses

      6th Mar 2016
      There will be no offline bypasses through Chichester's countryside.  You can read Highways England's version of this news here.  It does not mention the abandoned northern bypass options, saying merely: We have assessed a range of options, many of which have been considered during the long history of this project and we will pr...Read More...

      Will A27 approach live up to WSCC Landscape Strategy?

      9th Feb 2016
      Today, WSCC's A27 Special Adviser Pieter Montyn was outed by the Chichester Observer as less than neutral, when they published a leaked email in which he urged a pro northern bypass campaign for Chichester.  Mr Montyn was apparently responding to efforts by Chichester Deserves Better to resolve the issues on the junctions for the present A...Read More...

      Euro MP urges rethink on A27 expansion plans

      9th Feb 2016
      During a visit to local traffic hot spots along the A27 today, Keith Taylor, Green MEP for South East England, will emphasise the urgent need to develop real sustainable alternatives to Highways England transport strategy [1]. Taylor is urging local councils to oppose new bypass plans for Chichester and Arundel to prevent damage to local environ...Read More...

      A27: Something Better and more Forward-looking

      7th Feb 2016
      Why did the government decide to reject what was learned through SoCoMMS and Atkins, and launch the A27 Feasibility Study in 2014?  - to now throw massively more money at consultants on a piecemeal or possibly whole-route Expressway strategic agenda, wholly inappropriate to Sussex circumstances?  You can read the 2013 Atkins report's...Read More...
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